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By on November 5, 2014

Out of all the countries I visited this trip Amsterdam was the least productive in terms of using my camera and activities but having said that we definitely earned it after coming of four days in Tomorrowland. Amsterdam is a place like no other a place where you can legally smoke weed and take mushrooms. Yes legally so don’t judge not that I care anyway and because of this during peak season there are a lot of tourists and prices are on the expensive side. This was my second time coming to Amsterdam and the first time I came we stayed in a hostel in the city centre. Now this wasn’t the best idea for a few reasons number one being it costs about the same if not more per person getting a place with a group. In peak season it’s about $50+ a night and that’s for an average place booking early, the rooms are very squashy and at the hostel we had you weren’t allowed to smoke inside the building and were usually crammed. During the late hours of the night you would have to wait to get buzzed in which can be annoying if you come in and leave multiple times. I’m probably making it sound worse then it is but it’s just an inconvenience especially when all you want to do is kick back Amsterdam style but when traveling alone you really don’t have a choice.

What you really want to do is find an apartment we had 7 people and stayed at the Damrak Apartments which is located smack bang in the city center. The rooms are super spacious with a upstairs as well as a downstairs but the best bit about it you have your own pad so you can do whatever the hell you want which is so so perfect for Amsterdam. Our host was super cool the first introduction to the place was giving us the keys and rolling us a joint with his own stash where he then proceeded to spark up inside the apartment to our delight. Literally opposite our doorstep was our friends Jayden and company our friends from Tomorrowland who booked the apartment next door and the ones that got us onto these particular apartments. This was sick as we were like a huge family kicking back smoking together and playing cards as well. Whilst walking the streets to to find our apartment we bumped into our main man Teddy who we had met in Budapest. Being big and black he wasn’t hard to miss at all and like us was looking exhausted from Tomorrowland. Teddy had no place to stay because all the hostels were booked out and everyone was doing the recovery sesh straight from Tomorrowland to Amsterdam (wise idea). We took him in and he was more then happy to stay the night and crash on our couch. He left very early the next morning to catch a flight and left the most heart warming thank you note to all of us which touched us all. If you like shopping your going to love Amsterdam, every time I’m hear I always manage to find some cool clothes and gifts to buy. There are heaps of shops that sell everything weed related from utensils, pipes, grinders plus heaps of other cool shit and lots of it. We picked up these extra long papers and rolled this joint with three grams of weed in there. This thing was blazing for a good three days and got the nickname ‘Gandalf’s Stick’ and I’m sure if you’ve watched Lord of the Rings you can see why.

Now I know most of you people reading this out there have smoked weed before and know that one of the effects of being stoned is having the munchies, well unsurprisingly Amsterdam caters for all your hungry souls. The weed in Amsterdam is strong, a lot stronger then what we would be able to find back home. You might want to keep that in mind when buying a quantity because depending on what your tolerance is like one joint might be sufficient. You don’t have to walk to far to find some decent food and not to far from where we were staying was a all you can eat sushi for like 20 euro. Now how much sushi can you eat when your blazed? I’d say a fair bit and not only do they have sushi they have heaps of different restaurants and take away food outlets to choose from. A few activities to do in Amsterdam are the Heinekin Factory where you can get a tour of how the beer is made as well as a lot of taste testing. There is the Anne Frank’s house and also the famous Amsterdam sign to go and take pictures in front of. There is live sex shows which is hilariously weird you should definitely go smashed but my most favorite place is Vondelpark. So Vondelpark is not to far from the city center you can walk or just jump on a tram. It’s a place where you can go and smoke weed and take mushrooms always good for some entertainment and an area with a bit of freedom. The night is where the fun really begins and the red light district begins to light up. Window after window there are women or should I say prostitutes where you can just choose from and pay to have sex with, yes might I add again this is legal. This is what makes Amsterdam so unique other places these kind of activities are against the law. Amsterdam is also a place with heaps of bicycles and you can hire them and ride the streets but do so at your own risk it is chaotic. Don’t fall in the canals as well or your going to have a bad time if you do.

We were staying in Amsterdam for 4 nights and for pretty much the whole time there we had a similar routine everyday which was eat, smoke, eat, smoke, shop, eat and maybe throw in a space cake. The final day was the last chance we would be able to take some magic mushrooms which they sell in the stores. With some previous and happy experiences with the shrooms I was encouraging everyone to eat them so we can have one last final trip together but with the schedule and plans for that day it didn’t go ahead. The last night was actually a sad night both Patto and Cheungi were leaving back home to Melbourne on separate flights and after traveling together for almost six weeks was about to end. I had such an amazing time with them and so glad they came because my trip would have definitely not been as eventful if it weren’t for the two I’ll tell you that much. We shared our last joint together and embraced the remaining time with each others company. It was going to be weird waking up and not here the sound of Cheungi’s loud voice and Stevo’s jokes which I was already accustom to and the trip brought us a lot closer as friends.┬áBoth Andrew and Matrix had left the night before to Ibiza but we soon be re united again in the following week as well as Apost who was heading to Portugal to see his girl. I shouldn’t need to encourage you to stop in Amsterdam as it should already be a place you have to visit just once. It’s a stoner’s paradise but beside that the city is very beautiful and there is always something entertaining to do. Going from 7 people to now just Dean and I was going to be a different adjustment and the day we were going to fly out to Norway I went into one of the shops, bought a couple packets of the mushrooms and threw it into my backpack on route to Norway, I just couldn’t bare the thought of missing out on these bad boys and thank goodness I did.

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