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By on August 28, 2014

Now the thing with Barcelona is I knew I’d be back since I fell in love with the place last time I was here and I wanted to show the boys about this lovely city. First things first, location location. We stayed at Kabul Backpackers this time and you seriously can’t get a better located hostel with atmosphere in Barcelona then this one! Literally seconds away from the busy La Ramblas. We stayed in a ten mixed dorm shared with more Aussies, some American and Germans if I remember correctly. Really good hostel with air-con in the rooms which is much needed in Spain because it’s fregin boiling. It also has a bar downstairs and pub crawls like every night. Around the hostel is a square with some nice restaurants or some nights they have a free dinner if you’re on a budget. Book here and thank me later.

We done what I did last time and hired bikes for the day to do some exploring. Definitely the best way of seeing a city like Barcelona in my opinion because it’s to far to walk everywhere and to draining waiting for public transport. Had to show the boys the Sagrada Família, even though I had already been there before I still paid my 15euro to see it’s beauty all over again. Also went back to Park Guell but this time somehow managed to find a completely different route to the top where your able to see more. My advice is for you to park the bikes somewhere at the bottom instead of trying to ride them all the way to the top, there are many shortcuts that you’re bike cannot get to making the hot and sweaty journey quicker. A surprisingly new addition to Barcelona is the 4/20 shops. You can legally go there and smoke Marijuana just as you would in a cafe like in Amsterdam. On the last day we were here we welcomed our fifth and final member Patto. I remember waiting with Dean on La Ramblas to see our buddy emerge from the taxi, this was the final crew that were to be traveling the next five weeks together. Some other activities I could recommend in Barcelona is the nightlife, we went to this club called Razzmatazz had a really good night there, definitely check out the beach it’s not that far from the hostel. There is also a market called St Josep which has a lot of nice fresh food. Besides that we didn’t stay out to late on the last night in preparation for what was a hectic next four days.

Now for the info you really wanna hear about ‘Ibiza’. So this time with some experience I am going to share with you how to survive your stay in Ibiza. Number one is to make sure you pack the following, ear plugs, sleeping pills and maybe some 5-hctp pills. So depending on where you stay you could be exposed to the music pumping hard at 10am in the morning like we were at Jets Apartments. You will find it very difficult to sleep if you don’t have some help such as ear plugs, weed or sleepers. Warning if you don’t get any sleep your next day will be very lackadaisical. Simple equation No Sleep = No Energy at the end of the day we are humans not machines. Next piece of advice eat some food! at least one meal try two if possible, you’re body will run better with some or any nutrients being fed into it believe me. The food is relatively cheap compared so eat eat eat. Just a heads up the prices in Ibiza are fairly expensive, be expected to pay up to $70 AUD for entry and $20 for a vodka redbull or $10 for a tiny bottle of water inside.

Make no mistake people they call this place the party island for a reason. A lot of the nights start at around midnight and finish up in the early mornings. If your staying for a week don’t be scared to take a day off and have a quiet night at somewhere like Cafe del mar in San Antonio where you can chill and watch the sunset. There is also a nice island nearby called Formentera, catch the fairy there it has some of the nicest beaches I’ve ever been to giving your body a chance to relax. In terms of music there is a genre out there for you whether it is trance, commercial, techno, deep house or even rnb, do some research and check the Ibiza calender closer to your stay to see whose playing so you can book accommodation on those days. Don’t worry about buying tickets before you get there. There are heaps of people on the street selling them for the same price and this way you can be flexible in case you change your mind. My favorite night his year was Cream at Amnesia, this was the last night we were there and had just been to ASOT’s day party at Ushuaia. If you are there on a Thursday check it out, I warn you it is very loud and very hot in there but it has those dirty beats are one of a kind but don’t take my word for it. Ibiza is one of a kind and you can’t beat the quality of music at the clubs. If you love festivals and music this is the place for you. Didn’t take many photos at all because I was too busy enjoying myself and recovering most of the time but Ibiza I shall be back!

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