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By on August 29, 2014

So Belgrade was a random destination, really didn’t know much about the place only that it was next door to Hungary and that the cost of living is relatively cheap. Coming from four days in Ibiza we were still physically and psychologically recovering, it didn’t help that our flight arrived at around 1am in the morning but we eventually made it to our Hostel Skadarlija Sunrise. I am usually all for sharing a dormitory and meeting new people but after Ibiza I think it was a wise decision to book a five bed dorm for just us so we didn’t have to worry about leaving our stuff everywhere or getting in anybodies way. The room and beds were really nice with much needed aircon in our room. The hostel was in a great location called ‘Skadarlija’ surrounded by restaurants with a really nice atmosphere. The staff were really nice and friendly giving us a shot Rakia on entry which is tradition for all people staying at the hostel. The thing about Belgrade since the tourists are yet to catch on yet, prices are cheap probably the cheapest destination for us the whole trip I’d say. The beds in the hostel were like $15 a night and you could get a burger for like $2. Growing up in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne I had some what of a Bulkan influence and a taste of their food, I was on the hunt for some good cevapi and borek. There is also this Italian Restaurant ‘Compo De Fieri’ like two minutes away from the hostel, seriously do yourself a favor and try it we thrashed that place for our main meals super cheap and super good.

Our Belgrade experience wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for our personal tour guide Jovana. Jov is one of Dean’s friend from back home who was also traveling Europe using Belgrade as her home base, if your reading this your alright hah. At the same time we were there were three of her mates from back home were also there  so we spent the next couple of days as a big Melbourne family. During the day we explored most of the city and the fortress while having a blaze. The fortress is in a pretty cool location a place where you can have rooftop drinks overlooking the zoo on one side and across the river on the other. We went out together as a big group with one of the hostel staff also a Jovana to a place called Freestyler. The cool thing about the clubs in Belgrade is that most of them are right next to each other by the river. Freestyler had a really nice atmosphere by the water and was within walking distance when drunk from the hostel. I was surprised of much the place was going off, they had my kind of music pumping and hot as hell gogo dancers on the podium. Had a really good night there this was the only night we did go clubbing and it sure did leave a good impression.

Out of all the places we went to this trip Belgrade had the hottest women. Every single woman felt like they were just tall, natural and beautiful pretty much model spec. I had a feeling they were going to be good but this was ridiculous but you’ll have to go and see for yourself. We spent our last day at a place called Ada Ciganlija. It’s pretty much a river where you chill have a drink and go for a swim. We did what we do best and that’s kick back, drink and play cards definitely a good way to finish up our Serbian experience. After we got back to the hostel it was time to pack up and head to the train station only after a cheeky borek. According to Jov the only way to eat Borek is with this yogurt drink, the two compliment each other nicely and was glad I finally found a place to buy some before I left. This was our first train that we had caught in Europe and unlike what I was imagining it was pretty ghetto. It was really nice have Jovana show us round, who knows how many times we would’ve probably been ripped off since we didn’t speak the lingo. It always helps having a local take you to all the good spots in unfamiliar territory.

If anyone is considering traveling to Belgrade I’d say go for it. I had really no idea what to expect and I had a few people tell me to watch out there but soon found out that there was nothing but smiles everywhere we went. I also really like how there are not a lot of tourists, I think when you can go to a city and see it for what it really is not just a photo opportunity it really shows the countries true colors and not just a place of making money. For someone on a budget it will work in your favor the place has a bit of everything from nice weather, hot women, good night life, English speaking, cheap food and alcohol you do the math. We gave our last farewell to Jovana and jumped on our overnight train bound for Budapest. I think I can safely speak on behalf of the boys as well that what followed on this train ride was the most hectic train ride we had ever experienced, but you’ll have to wait for the Budapest edition to hear all about it 🙂

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