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By on October 25, 2014

With previously visited Berlin and the good impression it left on me I just had to go back and show these boys what  the trendy city had to offer. So the best way I can describe Berlin is like Brunswick St on steroids. If you don’t what Brunswick st is it’s a suburb in Melbourne with a lot of Youngish Hipsters. We had caught a six hour train from Prague to Berlin and got to enjoy the pleasant countryside in between and to our delight the ride was much more pleasant then our nightmare train from Belgrade. With a recommendation from a friend we stayed at Wombats City Hostel for our stay. Wombats is situated in one of the more ‘posh’ suburbs not to far from the main shopping district. Now Wombats is a little more expensive then the average hostel at around $40 or so night in peak season but well worth it. I had booked a 6 person dorm for the five of us, the rooms are spacious with our own bathroom and shower, having pretty much our own room our shit was in just about every corner of the room. The hostel has a very sweet rooftop bar a place where you grab a beer and mingle with all the other guests which I think it closes at like at midnight. Wombats is also in a nice area with the train station and restaurants right nearby. I do recommend it but an alternative is Circus Hostel which isn’t to far and have bigger rooms fitting more people. We had stayed there for four nights and the sixth person in our room the whole time was a Ukrainian concept artist named Min who hung out with us most of the nights. He is seriously one crazy talented artist knocked and threw together this sick portrait of Lenny in like a few minutes.

Berlin is a city unlike any other I had visited before. A place where the streets are filled with art and graffiti is encouraged by the government and a place with so much history dating back to the second World War. One place I really loved exploring was the Flea Markets. Now if you know me I’m a big fan of markets and this flea market near the stadium was the mecca. They sold just about everything from unusual jewellery, old Nintendo games, to someones family photo album dating back to the early 90’s. This market was definitely something you could pick up very unique items. One item that really caught my eye was this old army wooden ammo box, I know it was very unrealistic that I was going to buy it there because it was so large but it was very cool and if I had seen it down here in Australia I would have bought it. Not to far from the markets was an open stage where people singing Karaoke, it was free to t the public and anyone could have a go. I thought it was pretty cool and entertaining a place where you could have a drink with some free entertainment. The park has people just doing there own thing with many people listening to there own music dancing away like nobody is watching and you soon learn this is just the normal which makes Berlin I guess Berlin. Towards the stadiums there is a wall with some nice pieces of graffiti and towards the edges there are plenty of walls and cans that people had left. Perfect I used this as an opportunity to tick off one of the things on my Bucketlist to spray paint on a wall. There we were foraging through the cans to find some that had leftover paint and choose colors we wanted. After walking down a little further we found a spot to tag our names that wasn’t on going to annoy anyone. It was quite the fun day and was totally not expecting it at all. If you got some time there are daily walking tours, you can opt for the 4 or 8 hour tour, this trip round we made our own way around to see all the iconic places.

If anyone knows or has been to Berlin they would know that Berlin has some of the most unique nightlife in the entire world. This one club in particular Berghain probably the hardest club in the world to get into and with some of the stories we heard about it I understood why. In our best effort of taking peoples advice not to look like a tourist still failed and we were one of the many people being knocked back. I guess if anyone else is in Berlin check it out and let me know if it’s as crazy as everyone says it is, don’t line up in groups and look like you are from Germany. The tricky thing with Berlin is that all the nightlife is scattered everywhere so you have to catch taxi’s pretty much everywhere you go and we had 5 so it was a maxi or 2 normal ones to get around. If you are after some weed look no further the Gorlitzer park. We made a quick pit stop on the way home to grab some at night. It is quite shady with a lot of Black people crowding around upon entry but they just want your business and just like that you have scored. You can also legally drink on the streets of Berlin, you don’t have to look far to buy a beverage as they stock alcohol in all the convenience stores.

On the fourth and final day we welcomed two of our brothers Andrew and Matrix from back home who were joining us for the next week or so. They arrived in the afternoon so we pretty much had just the one day to show them around. Our first stop was some boutique shopping, If you area shopaholic you will love Berlin it’s got a lot of clothing stores. We then made our way to the Berlin Wall which was my first time seeing. They have a lot of cool art stretching across each part of the wall and took some time posing and taking photos with the crew. As the night was getting dark our stomach’s were in need of a decent feed especially the boys who had been flying all day. We found an Indian Restaurant which was absolutely delicious, the host took care of us and it was pretty cheap compared to Australian standards. Berlin is really diverse in terms of types of cuisines they have to offer, we indulged in some Vietnamese, traditional German Pork Knuckle, Indian, Korean as you can tell I did miss my Asian food being in Europe. We decided to have an early one that night because of an early flight heading for Belgium ready for Tomorrowland. Berlin isn’t the traditional Germany you maybe thinking of like Munich with the Beer Halls but is definitely worth checking out. I already know there is so many places worth going that we just couldn’t fit into our schedule and talking to some of the locals I’m sure could help you out. If you are staying there for a while you can travel to a few of the smaller cities not to far away like Hamburg where I’ve heard good things about.

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