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By on December 20, 2014

I remember waking up to Matrix’s sigh of pain and Andrew frantically yelling get up we are going to miss our flight. The boys had overslept there alarm and were running dangerously close to not making it in time. I helped them pack what I thought was theirs, lesson number one kids when it comes to an early flight ‘Always pack the night before’ no matter how tired you are it is not fun rushing and you will forget shit trust me I have done it before. I helped Matrix carry his backpack and ordered a taxi ready to go straight to the airport, if it didn’t happen the way it did they would have definitely missed the flight and wasted that money. Later we found out they had made it to Barcelona in the nick of time. I continued my routine since I was up which was more suits and breakfast, Dean got up and he was feeling a bit better but needed food. When I got back to the room I noticed that Matrix had left three pairs of shoes under the lockers on in which he had just bought. I posted them back home to Australia later that day, lucky we were still there or he would have been pretty shoeless. After Dean and Apost woke up properly it was decision making time, I think at that time we were ready to leave Milan and explore some different options. I was very keen on going to the Cinque Terre since it was the whole reason we flew into Milan and after asking for some help from the reception we were pointed in the right direction in getting there and that was a four hour train ride. We packed our bags, checked out and made our way to the main train station where we waited clueless in getting help. For some ‘unknown’ reason I too was feeling under the weather and for once it was Dean and I doing all the complaining, yes Apost I admit it. We bumped into our Canadian buddy we had previously met and he ran us through the steps to purchase our from the ticket machine. Thank goodness we didn’t have to line up it was huge, as a foreigner it is extremely confusing and a crucial time that you don’t want to book a 4 hour train to the wrong direction. Our train was eventually ready to depart and we jumped on the squashy train with one stop over cruising past the Italian countryside.

By the time we got there we were pushing into the sunset hours of the day. Now correct me if I’m wrong the Cinque Terre translates to “The Five Lands” comprising of five villages, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. We were staying in the last and the biggest one Riomaggoire. With no bookings at all we walked around trying to find some accommodation but I didn’t mind this was the first time since Ibiza we had been back to a coastline and oh how I’ve missed that smell of salty sea. We paced hotel to hotel in hope that someone could accommodate us, it’s not easy to find accommodation last minute for a one bed room apartment that can fit three people. There were no hostels in the town we were in the only one that had a hostel was Manarola, keep that in mind my fellow backpackers when booking. We had gone into the night and it was getting a bit frustrating knowing that we may be sleeping on the street, at least it was somewhere nice. We dumped all our bags and I waited while the boys walked without the luggage to find somewhere. I must have looked like I needed it but this nice elderly Australian couple had generously donated me their last couple slices of pizza. While pigging out the boys returned telling me that we had struck out and had no where to sleep the night. I think they were expecting a worse reaction from me because I sighed an “Ohwell” with a mouth full a pizza only to find that they had found probably the last free apartment in the whole of the Cinque Terre, which wasn’t even a business but a some lovely ladies apartment that she spared us the night. There are nice people in this world bless her soul. We gathered our bags and made our way to her apartment where the bed situation was a double and a single. Rock, paper, scissors would be our new favorite game since there were now three of us in deciding who gets there own bed. Dean won the first one and it was me and Apost on the double which I was fine with since he promised to touch the cock but to my disappointment he didn’t. After showering up in only cold water it was eye patch on and ear plugs in ready to regenerate from a hectic day of transit.

I woke up and felt 10 times better then the day before. We wanted to stay an extra night at the apartment but due to our host needing it we packed up and made our way fairly early to somewhere we could eat and most importantly work out our game plan for where we were going next. This restaurant was actually really nice great food and wifi friendly so Apost and I ripped out the laptops and starting looking for some cheap flights for our next destination. The original game plan was to go to Croatia because Dean wanted to check it out after me raving on about how good it was the first time I went but those plans went our the window. After searching we had found a relatively cheap flights to Crete in the Greek Islands. Neither of us had been there and not one of us were complaining that we were to spend the coming weeks in good weather and beautiful sunsets of the Greek Islands. I loved having this kind of freedom of booking what we wanted having no plans and I know it can be pricey but this time we got lucky and our flight left the next day in the afternoon. So now that was done a few credit card numbers later our accommodation and flights were paid and we could enjoy our Cinque Terre experience. Now the best and quickest way for us to see all the five towns and make it back on the last train home to Milan was by boat. Ideally the best time would have been to take photos is during sunrise or sunset when the sun isn’t as harsh (protip) but time was against us. Apost was in the hectic kickback mode and decided to opt out and go to the beach and eat the best grilled fish in the whole Italian Riviera. Dean and I jumped up backpacks and all to see these 5 towns which were pretty impressive. The Cinque Terre was on my bucketlist and was something I definitely wanted to see. I loved the fact it was back to tops off in the sun site seeing and relaxing. The boat did a round trip stopping off at all the towns and the best thing about it is getting the angles that you wouldn’t be able to get to on foot. We arrived back and met back up with Apost who managed to get the lifeguards locker so we could store our bags. Don’t ask me how he did it but I’m guessing it had something to do with using that touching the cock on somebody else. We relaxed by the beach and both the weather and water were amazing, it definitely re assured me how much I am a beach person. After the boys collected some rocks and eating a grilled fish of my own we made our way to the train station so we didn’t miss the last train out back to Milan.

Four hours later we made it back to the hostel and lucky enough that had some accommodation left still. We dumped our bags and made our way to our favorite restaurant in Milan. ‘A Storia’ The best pizza and pasta in Milan, I even Googled it to go find the name so my fellow readers can try. The restaurant is not to far from the tram stop about a 5 minute walk from the hostel. So when trying new restaurants in places that you have never eaten it is critical to go in to it with the best possible calculation that will in fact have good food and provide a good service. So the points are as follows choose a restaurant that looks clean with a bit of class not to classy because it might be expensive, some where that has people in it the more the better usually repeat customers meaning the place is good. Have a look at the staff and the kitchen usually the more people that work there the more efficient and lastly look at the menu, it’s good to know what you want to order before you’re seated and do the awkward walk out because the place is shit and the only thing on the menu is Tagene. You can tell if a pizza is good by ordering the simplest one a Margherita which has minimal toppings but only then can only taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients due to it’s simplicity otherwise something like lot there’s to much shit going on. This was taught by the man himself James Apost the famous food critic quoted “Best Margarita hes ever eaten” and I can say the same. After being very satisfied and leaving our new friends at the restaurant it was time to get home wind down and go to bed. Our flight to Crete was in the afternoon and after a good night sleep and a bus ride to the airport we were on that flight heading for the Greek Islands and I couldn’t be happier.

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