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By on March 31, 2013

Donating blood was something that I have wanted to do for a long time now and what better time to do it then now with it on my Bucketlist. My original appointment was on Thursday but with booking online someone else had taken it, but there was a free session and the only free appointment was today at 12:15pm so I decided to do it. One thing to make sure you do whilst donating is keep hydrated and eat. Accompanying on the way to South Bank Blood Donor center was Andrew who helped document my visit.

I’m pretty good with needles and blood so I wasn’t to nervous entering the building. After a few questions to make sure I was healthy I was good to go. So pretty much they aim to take 400ml of blood which is 10% of your total blood supply. The staff are really friendly and make you feel comfortable, my Dr Gantcho made the process of the initial needle quick fairly painless and from there it was smooth sailing. For about ten minutes you are sitting there watching your blood being sucked out. Since I haven’t had that much blood taken before you can slowly feel your arm get weaker as all the blood from your arm is being pumped through the tube.

After your done your hole is patched up and your good to go to the refreshment section. There is all types off food for free to make your body feel better, I opted for the sausage roll and iced coffee. In all I walked out of there with a smile knowing I’ve done a good deed and potential could help someone out in need. If you are thinking about donating do it, its not that bad and you’ll feel better about yourself 🙂


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