By on May 24, 2017

India! Whoa Holy Cow (literally) in the short weeks I have been here I’ve been tested emotionally, physically and mentally like never before. India isn’t a country where you just pass through the people who travel here come for a reason, a place for spiritual seeking, a place where we you go and come back with a whole new appreciation for life. As soon as you walk off that plane every single one of your senses are firing and for people that have never travelled to a third world country it may be a big shock and a warning you will be tested, but persevering through these times will make your time spent here an unforgettable experience. When you arrive to India you learn the ropes pretty quickly it’s a country that makes you feel fucking alive. You’ll soon discover that a cow’s life is more important then a human’s. The words please or thank you are non-existent and Indian people don’t like waiting in lines as they will push in front of you look you in the eyes without giving a single fuck. What I always remember is that I am in their country and this is how it is so you got to suck it up and deal with it.


In the very short amount of time I have been here it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Delhi I soon learned is the scam capital of the world and I learnt the hard way putting trust in people thinking that they were helping me but in fact see you with a big target on your forehead with deep pockets. When your safety is at stake you pay whatever and in my case that was 10500 rupees for a taxi ride to Rishikesh. The amount that I paid is a shitload of money for the average Indian wage but it’s all a learning curve. I knew something was fishy but I didn’t want to be left on the streets of Delhi at 2am in the morning, not with thousands of dollars worth of equipment on my back in the seedy streets at night.


I have lost my phone here as well three days in, I have no idea where on earth it is I suspect it may have been pickpocketed but who knows. I was really upset at the start but I remembered that it’s not good getting attached to anything as it can make you feel sad so I let it go which was weird since I haven’t been without a phone since I was 16 years old. I’ve taken it as a sign and have allowed me to present and focus on the reason I’m really here, to focus on myself. Also I copped pink eye which was a bummer but hey im okay now. My relationship with Eva is being tested as long distant is proving difficult and all I want to do is see her but it’s just not that easy geographically and the timing. I was supposed to see her after two months but that’s now looking like 5 months now for me to wait til I get to see her face again. But all of this is just a test to be patient, to wait for whats good and I will not quit, not anymore. My days of that shitty lazy rush attitude are fading and I’m changing for the better.


So I have made it to the Birthplace of Yoga Rishikish and I tell you what you can feel the magic in the air. This place is my kind of place the whole city is built around Yoga something I’ve really been diving deep into. I’ve met some really amazing people here I find the travellers you meet here are more like minded which means I can connect deeper as we share common interests. The town doesn’t serve any meat and is alcohol free. I have been going crazy taste testing what Indian cuisine has to offer and it has been delicious though I’m still being cautious as one wrong meal can cost you hours on the toilet. The time I have spent here has been quite relaxing. I’ve got a really good feel of this place swimming on the daily in the Gangas, a river which flows right through the country believed to be Holy Water and a place to avoid the scorching heat. I’ve learned to smoke Chillam that gets you mega stoned an Indian tradition that I had no idea existed. I trekked through the mountains of Rishikesh that was fun stopping off at rural villages for some roti and chai. I have also stayed in an Ashram for the week. I think everyone needs to experience an Ashram once in their life it’s been a very grounding experience. A small community where we participate with love and sharing is something that I have never really been apart of. It’s like boarding school for yoga & spirituality for a very cheap price with chanting, meditation, two yoga classes, three meals and a bed for $20 AUD a night what a bargain. I have made many close friends but one in particular is my new brother Mayank. I see a lot of similarities of myself in him and is planning to take me to his home town of Punjab, a personal experience that every traveler searches for.


Things are looking up for me and the time I’ve been in India I feel my transformation in many ways. I’m letting it all unfold and see where this goes and ride this fucking wave.

Peace and Love in the Desert