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By on January 31, 2013

Where do I even begin with falls? Well basically Falls Festival is a four day camping festival consisting of bands and artists that fall in the indie, pop, electronic, roots category. It was me and my bestie Dean that were taking on Falls as many of our other friends had other commitments. This was our first Doof (what they are called) which we would soon learn will definitely not be our last.

It is such a good atmosphere there people give off good vibes and in all the time there was no trouble just people having a good time. One great thing up there is that you are in the mountains and there is at time no reception. This plays to your advantage is so good not having to worry about your phone or messaging but just to enjoy yourself, make friends and listen to music that you haven’t heard.

The camping side of it is incredible, we ended up bringing a 6 man tent for the two of us which nearly didn’t last the first night because of the rain but it held, most of the time you aren’t sleeping but enjoying the festivities of peoples company. The good thing about it are there are so many people there that you are bound to make friends with some people of the same similarities. I like to think that both Dean and I have easy going personalities so it was easy in that department.

I recommend that everyone try a camping festival like this just once. I will be going back again and again it opened my eyes to these camping festivals even if it wasn’t my preferred genre!

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March 31, 2013