By on March 4, 2014

When one of my closest friend’s Eddie offered me to make the short trip to Fiji how could I resist? Now this trip was only going to be a short one and didn’t go exactly how I expected it but none the less opened my eyes more then ever because that’s what traveling teaches you right? So when people think of Fiji they think of dreamy coconut trees and postcard perfect beaches, now this wasn’t the case whilst we were there even at a time when the weather was supposed to be nice in Fiji. We arrived off the plane and stayed at Eddie’s relatives right out of the touristy areas and head first into a local village and let me tell you something, this was far from any postcard you had seen of Fiji. Now just a few things about the Polynesian island, prices are quite expensive seeing as though Fiji is relatively little island surrounded by water making it hard to import all these things we see at supermarkets. The village we stayed at was very muddy on arrival with plenty of rain seeing as though it was in the midst of cyclone warning. Along side that the government was supposedly rebuilding the roads and they were taking there sweet ass time. This village was probably the roughest living conditions I had ever stayed in, it was hot and sticky with plenty of mosquito’s lurking for our fresh blood, the power went out which meant the fridge stopped working as well as the fan which was difficult to sleep (especially in the same bed). To make matters worse the water had stopped for a brief day meaning I couldn’t shower or even flush the toilet. I sound like a princess here right? All these kind of experiences really made me appreciate what I have back home especially even the ability to travel here. The people of Fiji will never get that opportunity to travel as it is extremely difficult to secure visa’s to even visit family in another country.

After leaving the village we spent our New years at a place called Beachcomber Island. Now this was a blast and the highlight of my trip. It was the first time we had actually met people to really interact with. Our fun was short lived with the weather turning sour and when that happens in Fiji there really isn’t much to do. Boat transfers are at a halt, any kind of activities are based outdoors and are cancelled which resulted us and everyone else at the Hilton with a puzzled face and robbed holiday. We made use of what we could and scored some weed from a source we met, we didn’t get our sunshine and tan but we got high af. I learned two big things from visiting Fiji and they were never get your hopes to high when travelling to a new place, I’ve always known this but I kind of didn’t apply this to Fiji. Another this is I love vegetables and when you go without them for many days and curry is on the menu breakfast lunch and dinner you realize how lucky we are to call somewhere like Melbourne home. I always try to take a positive out of every situation and even though I didn’t get my picture perfect two weeks, I did go home with knowing how lucky I was and what kind of places I like to travel to. Staying in the Hilton resort and getting pampered with all these nice rooms and facilities I guess is nice, for a day, but I’d rather get immersed in culture and stay in the village rounding up the cows that for me will be Fiji Experience.


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