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By on February 6, 2017

I’m writing this post exactly three months since being on the road and not a day goes by where I have to stop and eat a shit load of chilli to wake me up that this is now my life. A life that once appeared as merely a dream only last year. Luckily for me I’m a big dreamer and I just knew there was something more waiting for me on the other side and I’m so thankful that I made this my reality. This trip is gradually changing me into a new man I can feel the shift in the air. Sort of like when Charmander turns into Charizard and I don’t know how long the transition will be but I feel if Ash Ketchum used me I wouldn’t let him down, I’d flamethrower the fuck outa anyone to show him I’m evolving into the Man I set out to be.


Rerouting the Game Plan

I had big plans to spend the most part of this first year ticking off as many countries as I could in Asia. Now you can throw that shit out the window. I’m so done with having a game plan. I like this living for the moment business, spontaneous on the daily, I can handle dat. I’m over these big tourist locations they’re just way to busy for my liking, no I don’t want you or your five friends, selfie stick, leg, cock or balls in my shot. I just don’t see the point anymore of going to all these places as the prices are inflated and I feel constantly frustrated with people’s lack of respect and invasion of my own private space. I came overseas to relax and enjoy myself but it’s a bit hard to do if your flying around the globe like Carmen Sandiago just to say you’ve been to this city. I’m focusing a lot less on the destinations but experiences that are going to help me grow, ones that challenge me and make me feel uncomfortable. I have adopted this mentality and thirst to challenge myself because I know that this is where the magic lays as I’ve been there many times before. Now upon saying this I don’t know where I’m heading next but I tell you what I’ve got a few destinations on my radar that I didn’t think I would be going that I hopefully get to share. This free styling is the best thing you can do while traveling, time is what I got so I’m using that to my absolute advantage.


Becoming a role model.

It’s hard for me to consider myself as someone to take any kind of advice from because if you know me I’m still very much a kid at heart. But there are a few words of wisdom from my life experience that I can share which might be useful. I have had numerous messages of encouragement and support from people who I have inspired to embark on their own journey, after all this kind of lifestyle is achievable to anyone you just need to want it then take the plunge (with or without lube). Preparing both financially and mentally will ensure you get a proper launch but don’t be alarmed if you’re scared as you just learn all the shit you need along the way. This is why I do make my videos to help push you to that next step further. A little glimpse to show you that this could be you and not to make anyone jealous, believe me that’s the last thing I want to make you feel. I want to inspire you so you can find another means of fulfilment that might be missing in your life, that maybe the 3rd Gucci bag isn’t really necessary. Maybe try out a new experience and help out where you can it just might change your life in ways a materialistic object just can’t. I had the opportunity to spend time with kids at a recently built school by an NGO. My heart literally sunk. These kids were just so happy for some new affection, something so foreign to them that brought them so much joy they were screaming on the top of their lungs. I guarantee if you seen them you would refrain from tears and all you have to give them is something so priceless as a bit of your time. Ultimately I really just want to do good in this world like I said I’m a big dreamer and I honestly believe I was put on this world to help people and so the domino effect will begin.


Making Health a Priority.

Now first hand during this trip I have seen the importance of having a healthy mind and healthy body especially traveling for an extended period of time. When I stayed up an entire night at Kuala Lumpur Airport I got sick. I was run down with no sleep, my body temperature was freezing and I suffered my first queasiness this entire trip. I remember how much it sucks to be sick; I was bed ridden the whole day but took disciplinary actions to get myself better pronto. Being properly hydrated, eating fruits and resting saved my ass in just one day. Even though the experience was short lived it taught me that especially when your away do everything in your power to prevent that feeling again. I am slowly phasing out the excessive booze I mean I still do drink but to be honest I’d rather smoke some weed, less hangover and more giggles that’s a win in my book. After finding a slice of paradise on an island called Koh Rong in Cambodia I had a good amount of time to focus back on my body. I meditated and practiced my yoga every day I could and my body has never felt better. Combine that along with an increased fruit & vege intake and an influx of water to stay properly hydrated and your body will love you like a fat kid loves flinging cake. A clear healthy mind and body means I can do great things, I’m focused on working towards my mission of helping others with more upcoming content in any area I can. In all though this trip has really reminded me that it’s all about finding your balance and being aware of how the body feels, what is working and what isn’t and I know which direction I’m favouring and the body, mind and soul agrees.


The love story part 2.

I can’t express how truly happy I am for meeting Eva in my life. This girl is truly incredible, a young motivated and ambitious woman who really supports and believes in me. I have fallen truly madly deeply in Love with her and everything about her and I’m not ashamed to admit it, as Love is a beautiful thing. She has taught me how to love and be vulnerable again, a contagious effect that has spread to all other areas of my life. I spent about three weeks straight with her in Cambodia, which is the longest I’ve ever spent with just one person ever in my entire life before. For me to find a partner some what compatible they would have to be different from the ordinary girl I am just to familiar with back home, I mean who else would go skinny dipping with plankton at night under a full set of stars with me? We have had some of the most surreal moments together and have been tested at points but we have overcome them all. Love is so worth it, this fairy tale demands an ending and I know our journey together won’t be easy as she goes back to Denmark to study but I promised her I will be loyal and give it my all something I don’t take lightly. I’m not even sure when the next time I will see her again but I am constantly reminded to be present and if it’s meant to be Love will find a way. I miss you my little Butter Nut!


This trip has been single-handedly been the best decision I have ever made and it’s just the beginning. I feel like in such a short amount of time I have had multiple areas of growth and now a new found purpose in life. I am so freaking excited for the journey ahead as my life is just like good bottle of wine, better with age. I will be doing a Q&A soon so if anyone wants some answers don’t be shy like I said I’m here to help. Signing out from my hostel bunk bed, Peace and Love in the Desert 🙂

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