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By on July 6, 2013

So I know I have been absent from my Blogging so I decided to get one in now, consider this more of an appreciation post rather then a glamorous travel destination you are accustom to be seeing. After my recent plans to Fiji got postponed I took the next best available trip I could Gellibrand. Where is this place you speak of? It’s a town about 20 minutes from Colac which is located in Southern Victoria. My friend Mary owns the most tranquil cottage right in the bush a place I had previous been with Chris and now I was to return and I could not be happier knowing what lay ahead of me. After last time I knew that I needed to pack the bare minimal, warm clothes a yoga mat and all the essentials ready for a spiritual getaway. The couple had come pick me up and it was a two or so hour drive of me yappin my jaw off since I hadn’t seen the two for a little while. We made a quick pit stop to load up on groceries for the weekend, note there is no processed crap here for this clean eating weekend. Along the way Mary told us about living life in a small community which is built on trust. Driving past peoples mailbox and grabbing the produce you want such as eggs or blueberries freshly picked and then leaving the money there just like a shop but without a keeper. I admired this very much imagine a society where people didn’t need to steal and done whats fair, I think along the way of our evolution of humans we some how got greedy. Now this cottage on the hill is quite isolated and doesn’t have the luxuries a normal house close to the city would. Luxuries like a fridge are not present due to it chewing up to much power but this is what I loved about it leaving me even more separated from the modern world. The site is run on a solar power generator and water is pumped and filtered through the tank from that collects rain water.

We pulled up and I could see the cottage from the bottom of the hill. It brought back a lot of good memories the last time I was here I fell in love with this place, a place that I could fully relax and be myself for the long weekend. A place you can scream and cry on the top of your lungs with not a soul or neighbor in the world to hear you. The moment you enter Gellibrand all communication is lost from the outside world due it to not having any reception. I love it not having to worry about anything but whats happening at the present moment, a constant reminder of the things that really are important in life don’t come from a gadget or material objects but real human interaction which has existed for all of our lives. For the next three days my brain and body was ready to relax and recharge in ways that many people have never experienced but totally should. Having Chris and Mary two individuals who share similar interests and moral’s as I do, people I can truly connect with which is a blessing that many of my other friends and I do not have in common. Technically I was third wheeling it but at no second during the weekend did I feel left out or uncomfortable, their hearts are both made of gold and I draw much inspiration from the two of how a relationship that I would want should be. If anyone knows either of the two you would know how much of an amazing cook they are. Home cooked meals just taste so much better knowing they are made with love and having the cottage environment made sure of that. The entire weekend I was spoilt with meals that seriously had me licking the bowl, you really don’t understand how much better the food tastes when you are hungry and walk inside to a fire place with a Chai Latte to warm you up. On the menu you for weekend smashed avocado with eggs and the best bread you’ve ever had, Chicken pad Thai, a hybrid of pancakes crossed with crepes to finish up for desert oh my I’m drooling just remembering out good it all was.

Our days consisted of activities that we have found a new love for both Yoga and Meditation. Now Chris and I both started at roughly the same time but mind you there is something about him understanding the human body and flow at a freakishly quick rate. He is already in complicated hand stands only just months in and only getting better. I draw a lot of inspiration from Chris prior to Yoga had was competing in a Men’s Physique Competition and his body was seriously out of a magazine. With strict a diet and sacrificed a body that only people could dream about I will add photo below to show you what I mean. He is my current coach helping me to get to my dream body and with a diet plan and useful tips I will get there with his experience and knowledge of the human body. On Sunday we done exploring of nearby waterfalls and the paid visit to the tallest trees in Victoria. Mother Nature seriously the most beautiful thing in this world, forget games or movies going for a walk and sniffing that oxygen goodness is something that I have had a new appreciation from since coming back from Norway. At night time we had a moment where we were standing on the porch inhaling the cold air staring at the Milky way you could partially see. The air was that fresh and good we were literally getting high of how euphoric it felt. Be burst into true laughter for minutes, here we were cleansing the nostril loving life another reminder how we needed nothing to be truly happy.

To finish up on Monday we helped take off the nets off the apple trees ready for the Winter. In the backyard there are plenty of fresh produce being grown seasonally. Having accessibility to home grown apples, berries, lemons etc tastes so much more fresh and natural then you would buy from the shops, no GMO here. Shortly after it was time to pack up and go home, the whole weekend came and gone so very quick but I loved every second of it is truly my sanctuary. I had a choice that weekend to go see a DJ or visit Gellibrand and without hesitation I chose Gellibrand and always will. Many people can’t spend time alone and constantly need to do be doing activities, but now that I can resting the body for even a weekend can prove a world of much needed rejuvenation. I done a lot of thinking that weekend and refocused on my goals and plans to peruse once I returned to the ‘real world’. Many people get so caught up with work and having a lot on there mind which can cause stress. My advice is to go somewhere even if it’s for a day and turn your phone off and spend some quality time with your important people in your life. I had such amazing time with Mary and Chris thank you guys love you heaps! Til we meet again Gelli 🙂

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