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By on April 24, 2017

You know already how I’m weird yeah? Well I’ve got this voice that pops in my head from time to time I’m pretty sure it’s my conscience and every single time it tells me to do something I eventually do it. I’ve learnt not to resist it as it’s been my guidance this far and has gotten me onto this epic journey so I definitely can’t complain.


When I arrived in Hoi-An I entered with a bit of confusion inside my head. I didn’t really know what or where I wanted to go to next and I was burnt out from riding a lot from the past few days. After a few close calls while coasting down south I was more paranoid about having an accident on the roads rather than taking it in and enjoying the experience. Deep down what I really wanted to do was kick back and relax after reminiscing of my little paradise and the feelings I had in Cambodia. Then it happened again that voice came inside my head “Sell the bike here, cash in your chips, I want to relax, you want to relax and we won’t have to worry anymore.” When I thought it over it was obvious that this was what I was going to do and that was sell Alexis my baby for the past 6 weeks. I jumped onto a popular Facebook Group where many travellers buy and sell their bikes and with some luck she was sold to an American fella in just two days. I lost $50 US Dollars for what I paid but I didn’t care I was now stress free. It all happened so quickly and it was quite emotional to see her go. After all we shared some spontaneous adventures where we veered into the unknown and came out with memories that I will be telling forever. Though after the transaction was done I felt a weight off my shoulders. I could officially relax and not have to worry about anything bike related or getting and selling her in Ho Chi Minh.


Have you ever arrived in a place that screams your name? Well that would be Hoi An for me, quite similar to the feeling as I did when arriving in Pai. Now Hoi An has pretty much everything I like in a little town. It’s much quieter than Hanoi and Saigon, no chaotic traffic, honking and pollution up in your grill. Mother nature is knocking on the cities doorstep with a short bike ride away to the beach while you cruise through some lush rice fields. At night the river glows into this cute romantic ambience where people walk the town eat street food and enjoy the radiant lights that fill the air. All the people I’ve met here are all quite friendly with locals and tourists happy to make conversation. I found a Yoga studio called Nomad Yoga that has been a life changing experience. A place that I have been searching for my entire trip where I dedicated myself to work towards my practice and correct my imbalances that have plagued me for a while. There are a variety of different classes ranging from Hatha Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin & Gentle Yoga all in which were a good introduction for me into the yoga world. I have fallen deeper in love with the practice and don’t plan on slowing down. It’s been an emotional journey that I have learned to embrace and love my body once again.


Now the food here, fuck. I think this would have to be the icing on the cake why I stayed. There is so much tasty food here I feel like Willy damn Wonka in the chocolate factory. Definitely right up my avenue with plenty of inexpensive delicious café’s and restaurants serving up some seriously tasty food. I found this little gem called Nu Eatery. I love this place so much I pretty much tried everything on the menu, I like the fact that every dish had a twist to it leaving the unknown of every first bite. If I wasn’t dining out I was buying all my fresh produce from the local market in town. You can pretty much get anything you need from here, items that have been non existent from my travels that were daily staples back home, things like avocado and broccoli it’s nice to fucking meet you again. The fruit as well I just couldn’t get enough of in particular watermelon, coconuts, mangos and dragon fruit all these tropical goodies that I will never tire of.


It’s been really refreshing taking a break from hostel’s and having some privacy for a while. I’ve got my own room on the top floor of this homestay where I can pump music, walk around naked, unpack all my stuff everywhere and watch the sunset from my balcony. Since I was staying for an extended period of time I managed to get a further discount which in the end wasn’t that much at all for a private room where they clean the room, change the towels and sheets on a regular basis. The owners have been nothing but super friendly and hospitable catering for anything I need. I feel like family with them allowing me to use their kitchen to cook whatever I desire while I join them by the dinner table to talk about our lives and Vietnam.


My mind, body and soul needed this and I’m so grateful for coming across this magical place in my journey. I definitely feel like I’ve learnt a lot of new things that are going pave some direction for my life forever. The biggest one is rushing, my entire life has been a big rush, quick results, quick money, quick rush to eat my food but now I ask myself what’s the point of touching the roses if you don’t get to smell them? I literally have no reason to rush at all so I why do I find myself doing so. That’s changing and I like it, after seeing the way the Vietnamese people live the feeling becomes infectious and I hope to implement it on a more permanent basis in my life. I also took up a cooking class something I’ve wanted to do all trip long. I chose a place specific to having an organic vegetable garden where I participated in the whole process of the operation from farm to plate. I have a new respect for food now, a bond that I hope to further deepen as life goes on.


I am sad to see this place off but I know I’ll be back here at some point that’s for sure. I want to take Eva here she would love it, we’d be in a food frenzy, geeze I miss her to bits. I found out that the next time I’ll be seeing her will be in another two more months. Long distance feels some what like torture does. That’s fine though I’m learning to be patient, you wait for what’s important in your life and it’s just building up for a bigger and better reunion which I have been dreaming about. Anyone considering to go to Hoi An just do it, it’s not just me that speaks highly of it but you’ll have to see for yourself!


Here is also a day in the life video of how a typical day goes down (not really it’s all show I’m mainly crying in my room telling my baby how much I miss her)