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By on February 1, 2015

The ferry from Santorini to Ios is only like thirty minutes and in a short amount time I had returned to my favorite Greek Island Ios. We had decided in Santorini that we would stay here for the four nights and spend only one in Mykonos and to follow catch our flight to Istanbul. Now we got very lucky with accommodation, it’s not easy finding a room for the three of us in the middle of summer in a party Island but give Apost credit on finding the Sunrise Hotel which wasn’t far from the city center at all. So this time our transfer was ready for us not only after a cheeky gyro on entry, a 15 minute drive later we had arrived to our home for the next four nights. Running the place was a Greek family with a Grandma who pumped cigarettes like a chimney combined with the most hectic whooping cough you’re ears have ever heard and we soon settled in to our three single bedded room. No need for rock, paper, scissors here as we all had the same sleeping arrangements. Our room was very basic but I loved it, there was aircon but they had welded the key to the keycard so we couldn’t leave it on if we left the room but we would soon just leave risk the door being unlocked for that icy feeling upon enttry. We also had a little courtyard where we could see some activity on the street and chat to our Norwegian neighoubors and also a place for Apost to shave a wart or two off his toes. Getting in and out of our hotel proved to be difficult especially at night time … drunk, it was a case of many different staircases and passing through other peoples houses to find the best way home, after about ten trips you slowly get the hang of it. We were located on a pretty steep part of a hill which proved to be exhausting in the sun on the plus side we had a view looking at the entire town and were within walking distance to the nightlife so no taxi or quad bike necessary.

Now Ios is an island swamped with Aussies, when I mean swamped I’m talking at least a good 75% of people there are Australian. The bars and clubs are plentiful and Ios carries a nice happy atmosphere all around town. Whilst traveling around Europe you would surely have seen a singlet from one of the bar’s there with most of them doing a special of like 7 shots and an inclusive singlet. I must admit looking back at my photos now I was very slack in using my camera as I was too busy relaxing, plus I had already explored most the island in my previous trip so I wasn’t missing too much. Ios always provides heaps of entertainment during the day with activities such as tubing, cliff jumping, fishing charters or the pool parties at Far Out but I’ll get to that later. As for us we were happy socializing with the other guests of our hotel in the comfort of our pool. Like all the other islands this far the weather was cooking and the best place to escape that was the pool about 30m from our room. We had made friends with a couple of Irish girls who we would hang around with for the next few days. All three of us boys were pretty keen to hit the town after a huge absence of partying the last time we attempted to go out was Milan which was a good ten or so day prior. Now the cost of most things in Ios are super cheap, the food is very reasonable and the drinks are decent depending on where you go. Our hotel sold a vodka bottle out of the freezer for something like 8euro and one of those bad boys was a kick starter to the night with friends. Usually before we went out we socialized our hotel had a gathering and we had met a group of girls from Sydney who had been there for a a few weeks and took us out to town. We made our first stop to this shots bar where most shots are like 1 euro. You can imagine that for 10 euro you were going to get pretty tipsy, I remember this part very clearly. I was talking to one of the Irish girls and i feel this splash of liquid on the back of my calf, moments later I seen a disgusted Irish face. Apost had just chucked up a nice amount of liquid on the dance floor and I turned around to his face that had no idea what had just happened. To everyone’s concern he was fine and we continued the rest of our night with more shots and even a cheeky rnb boogie with some cafe patrone. We later found ourselves towards the end of the night at a Gyros stand replenishing our stomachs after a very drunken night. There was this one fella who Dean spotted taking a piss in the bushes who was passed out snoring like nobodies business, that is Ios for ya big nights and not giving a single fuck.

Down the road from our joint was a restaurant/cafe that I would usually go for breakfast by myself or with the boys if they were up and order my muesli with yogurt and honey, the waitress their Brooke was working temporarily to help fund her travels who would later sail with me in Turkey in weeks to come. Accompanying her was Jess who wasn’t working there but in fact leaching off all Brooke’s freebies like accommodation and her scooter hah and kicked it poolside with us where I first got to know her. The pair had been in Ios for a while and were looking to travel somewhere else so I suggest Sail Turkey which I was to do later on my own. I didn’t know at the time but I would soon be re united and become close friends with them both but I’ll get to that story later. As the day went on we made our way down to another part of the Ios for the first time and since we didn’t have any quad bikes we had to catch a bus which wasn’t to bad as they were running pretty regularly. Whilst still in wifi I had contacted one of my good friends back home Emma Mac’s to catchup as her Contiki tour was stopping past Ios for the two nights and we would actually see each other in Europe after all with our decision to come to Greece. Now Farout beach club is a probably the most popular hostel on the Island. It host’s an array of accommodation from private rooms, to camping alongside it’s poolside party atmosphere. Pretty much everyday they have some sort of theme or party from girl’s doing wet t-shirt competitions. I eventually found Emma without the help of the shitty wifi there and we spent a good hour and a half talking about our travel stories over a drink. I don’t know what it is about seeing familiar faces overseas but it’s as if you are best friends and since then have come closer after partying together. After a while I decided to check and see what the boys were up to and like me were ready for a feed. We found a restaurant by the water within walking distance from Farout. We sat down with an amazing view whilst the fisherman hung some Octopus up from the catch only moments ago. This was something we were to order and it didn’t disappoint, a little squeeze of lemon and you could taste the freshness and quality instantly. To add to the perfect dining setting we had some hand cut potato chips that reminded Apost that his Yaya use to make (but weren’t as good) and the perfectly tanned glamor wearing red chucks to perve on that made a perfect view and meal. After that we stayed at Farout for a while and enjoyed some it’s nightlife, none of us boys were really drinking due to the two nights we had before so eventually took off and caught the bus home. Before I made our way back to the room I stopped past Lost Boys to pickup a singlet for my good friend back home who had previously been there earlier. I was under strict instructions to get it and is definitely worth checking out as it opens earlier then other great for kick starting the night. After unwinding the boys and I were weighing up whether to head out and since I didn’t hear back from Mac’s we eventually just crashed out.

Our last day in Ios was my favorite we started the day with the standard routine and breakfast down the road at Brooke’s followed by a pool session. There was a feeling of sadness lingering around the air knowing this was our last night so we all knew we had to make it count. I think Apost took the excitement to the next level and rubbed one off to Lela Starr in the toilet. For most the day it was relaxing and gyro’s and a stop by a restaurant that had lamb chops on the menu, something I hadn’t had all trip. Europeans are really big on pork followed by beef then lamb a rarity that I couldn’t pass up. We hit the town but this time it was just us boys which was good since we didn’t really have to feel bad taking off on some our new friends we met that were kind of getting attached. I remember going to Circus bar and meeting up to party with Emma and a couple of her friends from her Contiki tour. Circus bar is pretty cool there are two Aussie performers that play pretty much everyday and get pissed creating a good atmosphere. We hopped around many bars and clubs making the most of our last night there It’s always fun walking around the very busy town bumping into heaps of friendly drunks. I think that’s what I loved most about Ios, all the action is pretty close to each other so you don’t have to worry about getting taxi’s all the time. Also everyone their just wants to have fun and the majority of people are on the same page. The night finished up at a one of our regular Gyro’s joint with a couple of friends that Apost knew back home that were there. I think my gyro tally was up to about 18 in total we had definitely clocked up our numbers in Ios. The sun started to come out and it was time to get back home I remember that night it was extremely windy and I think it was the drinking and yelling that I had fallen victim to the Ios Cough, a condition that Ios has a reputation of leaving many. After some sleep we packed our shit and made our way to the port and we were Mykonos bound.

Mykonos will vary in opinions from person to person but we all know one thing in this place money talks. Mykonos is a place home to some high rollers and some A list celebrates with two of the biggest clubs hosting some of the best DJ’s and then there is also Tropicana. A day club where people pop bottles of Moet like it’s going out of fashion dancing to the late hours everyday but be warned there is a dark side to it. A place where women are vulnerable and Italian guys who just don’t take know for an answer. We were to spend only one day here before our flight to Istanbul in the afternoon now with this accomodation booking last minute it isn’t cheap and don’t think you will book somewhere close for the price you are after in peak season. Apost managed to dig somewhere out of town for the three of us which was like $80euro each a night, thankfully for us it was just the night so it didn’t hit the pocket to hard. Our transfer picked us up from the port and took us back to our apartment which was fairly basic and isolated from town and the party scene. The bed situation again was decided by rock, paper, scissors and up for grabs was the comfy double bed in front of the aircon or the squashy two person upstairs bunk and guess who won it? Meeee. Could not have picked a better time with my Ios cough to have a bed then this one I’ll tell you that much. This was Dean’s first time to Mykonos and we decided to let him make his own assumption about the island. After some relaxing a bit we made our way to Paradise Beach to catchup with another friend and the king of Mykonos himself Chris K. Originally we were supposed to take a sea taxi but I think we were a bit too late so the owner of the surf shop took us (top bloke). We had a general idea where Chris  was going to be and eventually bumped into him at a restaurant not to far from his apartment, the kid was already it all sorts not shocked. We caught up over a bottle of Vodka and we exchanged stories of our travels this far. As the day moved on his intoxication levels were at an all time high I could barely comprehend what he was on about most the time. It was then we decided to take Dean to see Tropicana first hand a place he had seen many people travel too see what the fuss was about. He hated it, it was everything he hated in one place and I was too this year round I saw the more fuckheads then ever but maybe it was exactly the same but I just didn’t have time for it. We stayed for a while and made the executive decision to go back home as there was no one worth staying at either of the clubs that night. After some showering and relaxing we sat outside and talked for a while under a decent view of the stars. I had one of the best sleeps the whole trip in that bed waking up fresh can’t say the same for the boys and we went to the beach to kill time before our flight. Near out apartments was a beach/restaurant that was fairly quiet but since we were kind of in the middle of nowhere we had no other choice. The food was limited and soon to find out shit and overpriced, Apost payed 10euro for a serving of broccoli with his meal lolllllll he wasn’t happy at the fact his own kind was ripping him off. We relaxed a little bit and made our way to Mykonos airport. For all of you deciding whether or not to go to the Greek Islands make sure you choose the right island and the right amount of time accordingly. If you are more of a party head Ios & Mykonos is for you where Santorini or the smaller islands are more for relaxing at a cheaper price, but regardless of which one you choose be expected to enjoy some of the best weather and amazing sunsets on a daily routine. When that Mediterranean way of living kicks in you will be glad you made you’re way down.

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