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By on July 31, 2013

La Tomatina was well interesting .. So our original plan was to go to Berlin but plans changed after being persuaded by some top blokes we met in Lagos. These two fellas were J-Rock and bearded Trento, the two of them were traveling Europe via hire car that had two spare spots, co-incidence? I think not.

It took us a day to finally reach out destination of Bunol. We had arranged with a company to take us to the festival via bus so it was much easier then train or taxi etc. I can’t remember the exact time we had to meet in town but I think it was something like 5am all I remember it was really dark. With minimal sleep we woke up early to drink our pre made alcohol. Again I can’t remember the name but it consisted of everyone getting 2tlr bottles of vodka mixed with powerade and red bull. By the time we got to town we were already half pissed.

After a 30min bus ride we made it to the meeting point. This is where pretty much all the other companies come together. On arrival there is unlimited sangria, for all you people who don’t know what that is its pretty much the spanish wine, it’s pretty strong and there was plenty of it. So there was more drinking drinking and then finally you make your way to the middle of the town where your event is held.

So at this moment we are in the midst of it, its bloody dam hot and finally the tomato time comes. So it starts of being launched by the locals on the balconies and roof and then everyone slowly starts turning red with all the tomatoes smudged against each other. Then the trucks come through the streets, with about 12 or so people inside shoveling tomatoes to the crowd to throw on each other. At this point people are squashed throwing tomatoes off the floor and because there are no drink stands people are hosing people with water to cool down to hydrate people as the alcohol from the morning is catching up.

Then it ends, the streets are demolished there is red everywhere, everyone is covered in tomatoes which dries up and smells, when you get back to the bus you basically hose off and throw your clothes out because there useless and dirty at that point. By this point your starving since the last meal I ate was the day before, thankfully there are plenty of food stalls set up along the way to your bus.

In all it was a really good experience, what people don’t realise is that it’s so packed like to the point where people suffocate after being squashed and their are little kids amongst it all so it can be quite dangerous. This leg of the trip we hadn’t had anything booked which gave us the opportunity to travel here with our new made friends I think having a gap in between your trip that leaves for an anything goes leaves that unknown factor. The saying goes something likeĀ  “the best times are always unplanned,” because if we had flights and accommodation booked elsewhere we wouldn’t have gone because we would have lost money, thankfully we didn’t and got to share this experience with our new friends!

Photos were taken with a gopro, if you go prepare anything that’s not waterproof to be ruined

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