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By on August 25, 2014

Ollllla Madrid, Eres muy guape? I think that sounds about right from what I remember. Madrid we weren’t there to see you for long but you set the tone and gave us a meeting point for what was to be an epic trip two and a half month holiday. So arriving first in Madrid was Cheungi who had to wait about four hours for Dean who both had to wait another four hours for me. After around 22 hours of flying I was so excited to get off the 3rd and final plane and see my friends especially Dean since he had been living in LA. Once I had collected my backpack I gave them a quick call to see where they were so we could meet and get this show on the road. I’m wandering out of the gates looking for my two boys and I see Cheungi sitting down. I drop my bags and give them a big hug and we were then ready to start our adventure. We jumped in the cab and went straight to our hostel.

Our first hostel for the trip was Uhostel, for the most part of the trip I was in charge of all the bookings since I had some what experience in Europe. Uhostel was pretty cheap, clean with nice facilities which was a good introduction for the boys first enjoyable hostel experience. We were staying in a eight mixed dorm for three nights there and it was mainly Aussies coming in and out (not shocked Aussies love to travel). To me it all felt surreal for me at this point that I had finally made it back to Europe this time with a new group and a new adventure. All those counting down months, weeks and days were finally here. I don’t really look forward to much but I do look forward to traveling especially since the last trip I had the best time of my life. After getting ourselves freshened up it was time to get a much needed feed and a beer. We strolled around after our meal and it was already time to get have our first night out in Europe. So we had no clue really where to go out so we just started walking. We overheard an American girl who looked around our age speaking English so we asked her where we should go, to our luck she was also heading out with another friend so she took us under her wing and we shared a few drinks at her apartment and hit our first Europe club. Boys that was a sick night bitchessss hahaha a good introduction for my two brothers and a taste of how good clubs over here can be.

To no surprise we all woke up hung over, the thing with this hostel you couldn’t really sleep into to long as the light comes beaming through the windows and you can hear the traffic from the main street just down below. This was all good because I don’t like wasting my days sleeping to much overseas especially places that need to be explored. We had a feed and roamed around site seeing for the most part of the day and made our way back to the hostel. We all crashed out for a little bit due to the big night we had only to wake up from someone ruffling into our room, it was our brother Apost. It was good to finally see him, the lucky bastard flew to London First Class with Qantas. We spent the last couple of days in Madrid relaxing and getting into our holiday swing stopping off at the Royal Palace and some Cathedrals. We also stopped by some of the markets to try heaps of different fresh food and kicked back in the comfort of our hostel and it’s staff. One thing we missed out on since we left a day early is that on Sundays there is a Matador show, it’s kind of intense but since I was overseas I wanted to see all that I could especially the traditional stuff like this, but just unlucky timing.

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