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By on August 20, 2014

Oh Morocco where do I even begin. Easily one of the best locations of my trip for many good reasons. So we had arrived in Marrakesh at about 1am after nearly missing our flight so we were off to a great start. Fortunately for us things got a whole lot better after finally getting to our hotel for the night ready for tomorrow’s African safari adventure. With a bit of research I had found a company on Tripadvisor to show us the proper Sahara experience and I am so so glad we did because we could not have picked a better tour guide and driver. So we were up at about 8am with breakfast already made for us on the rooftop and the best thing about Morocco everything is pretty dam cheap compared to many parts of Europe so we felt that we could splurge and not have to worry about our backpacking pennies. After a good feed we were ready to meet our soon to be best friends of the week Rachid and Ismail.

One of the main reasons that I wanted to go to the Sahara Desert was mainly to see the stars as I heard they are incredible since there is hardly any pollution being our in the middle of the desert and to experience a place totally different to any I had ever been to before. So we got going in the 4wd and got quickly acquainted with our new brothers in which we would be spending the next four days with. Instantly I had a good feeling about the trip with the vibe we were already sharing together. The journey to the actual desert was to take at least a whole day so we cruised past many places stopping at historic locations along the way getting a brief rundown by our guide Rachid on the history of the land and country.

This was a private tour so we didn’t see civilization for hours at a time only when we drove through towns. For us it was like a party bus with drinks and jokes thrown left right and centre. When we finally got to the desert on day two all I can say it was simply amazing. Just dunes for miles and miles with hardly anyone to be seen. Us boys were like little kids all over again doing flips in the sand and running round like headless chooks enjoying nothing but what we had which was just each other. We had picked up some head scarves which officially gave us our identity for the trip. I was now Ali Baba, Apost was Mohammed, Cheungi was Khaled and Dean was Tarik. There was no better feeling about being in the desert then being free and in part 2 I’ll explain how the desert changed my life!

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