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By on December 18, 2014

I remember getting off the plane in Milan and feeling the warmth and a sad realization that we were not in Norway or Scandinavia for that matter anymore but now I had returned to Italy and this time Milan. I was still very tired from our massive hike and we sluggishly grabbed our backpacks from the baggage claim and jumped on the next bus heading for Milan. For the first time the whole trip I was heading to a hostel that I hadn’t booked. Matrix and Andrew had hooked it up whilst in Ibiza and after we jumped off the bus it was a short taxi ride to our base for the next couple of nights the Zebra hostel. So my first thoughts of Milan were that it has no resemblance to Rome what so ever with a lot more modern buildings in city where we were staying. For me personally there wasn’t too much going on there in terms activities but I was to use Milan as a base camp to plan my trip to the Cinque Terre. We jumped out of the taxi and checked ourselves into the hostel, as you can imagine the place was stinking hot and there was no air-con. We dropped our bags in our room only to find that the boys were not there but with a quick connection to the wifi we had messages to tell us they were out shopping and to return shortly. The hostel had a nice big common area with a table tennis table, pool table and a lounge area to kick back in. There is this app called Speedtest which pretty much tests the speeds of the internet connection you are using and the one at the hostel was pretty quick so it gave me a chance to download all the Suits episodes so I could catchup seeing as though there were moments I needed to kill time. Shortly after the boys entered the hostel and I could hear there loud voices reassuring me it was them. It was good to see them again and we hugged it out then made our way to the most authentic Italian restaurant we could find. By this point I was starving the last decent meal I had was Norway. We sat downstairs at this restaurant and after struggling a bit with the language barrier we managed to order our food which was pretty average but hey I wasn’t complaining. We exchanged our stories, the boys telling us about there Ibiza experience which made me smile that place makes you want to cry of happiness and sadness at the same time, a place you don’t want to leave but know it’s in your best interest to leave, a tale I’m glad they got to experience. The rest of the night we just chilled in the hostel and had a few quiet drinks while playing pool. As it got late I was ready for bed, my body was still very sore from the mountain and I jumped into bed which would have been no later then midnight.

I woke up after some much needed rest, it was a bit of a struggle seeing as though the rooms were stinking hot and mosquito’s were present, I hate mosquito’s! I think it would have been like 8 or so and I made my way to the free breakfast with my laptop. After spreading some jam on toast it was time to watch up my 6 queued episodes of Suits. I normally wouldn’t be watching any form of television on holidays but I figured it would be an ideal time since I needed to kill time before everyone got up plus I fregin love this show. There I was comfy as with legs spread out and earphones in and as time passed the boys made there way down one by one. I decided to give Andrew the laptop to watch while he was eating breakfast, he was as eager as me to watch while I got myself showered up. When I returned to the common area my brother Apost had just arrived all the way from Lisbon and we gave him a warm welcome. It is always good to see his face and he came back rejuvenated mainly because of a few reasons. This was the last day we were to spend together so we made the most of it by seeing what the city had in store for us. Milan is well known for it’s fashion and the shopping district is none short of all the big name brands like Luois Vuton, Gucci, Dolce Gabana etc definitely not my cup of tea but the boys wanted to have a look. Whilst close by the Milano Cathedral is in the centre of the square. A very impressive structure that took 6 centuries to complete. There were a few shopping complex’s to checkout and to my delight had air-con but after a while I was ready to go back to the hostel and relax. To this point I hadn’t really had time to properly relax and I know Milan isn’t the most scenic place to do so but meeting people at the hostel to chat with was more then sufficient enough. A few beers later we were ‘Into the Unknown’ and had made friends with a German and a lad from Manchester who was showing us his specialty card trick. Day turned into night and we were ready to hit the town with our new friends and the only person that was missing from our group was Dean who was feeling under the weather. We made our way back to the city center on foot with our new friends in search of a somewhere to go out but because it was after season so everything good was pretty much closed as well as the strip club that we were told to go. If the night could get any worse Matrix under the influence jumped from this massive pillar about neck height onto concrete injuring his ankle, oh the things we do when we are pissed. What a bloody jump that was! I replay the event in my head and it gets to the point halfway where I pause it mid flight and say “It was at that moment when I knew Matrix was fucked”. Lucky Matrix being the soldier he is carried on his duties with no to much discomfort. After the incident it was definitely a sign to get back home and we jumped in a taxi and done just that. So when we got back to the hostel to check on Dean he was in all sorts and it wasn’t sleep paralysis this time a sickness that required Andrew to use some Asian remedial medicine to help Dean exert the demons that were inside him, well that’s pretty much what he looked like was happening. His temperature was going from hot to cold and by the end of the whole ordeal he eventually got to bed, poor kid. For the rest of the night we stayed up in the common room and talked to a couple of our Aussie friends we made Amber and Lauren. They had just met in Milan and were spending the final night together and after talking til 4am it was time to sleep the boys had a flight to catch in the morning.

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