By on September 1, 2013

The 5 Grill’d Burger Challenge

So most of you now have tried a Grill’d burger before and know how filling they can be. This man right before your eyes may as well be as fat as Terio with the amount he ate during this challenge. Now Lee is not one to back away from a challenge and that he would rather end up in a hospital then lose a challenge. I have seen him before eat three footlongs from subway and a full teaspoon of wasabi right before my very eyes.

The thing is no one believed that he could do it, but leading up to the event I was reminded of the footlongs and thought to myself hes going to do it even if it means he ends sick for the next few days. Not only did he smash 5 burgers he ate 3 Might Melbourne’s (egg + bacon + beetroot) and 2 Crispy Bacon & Cheese which are all heavy on the condiments. He accomplished this in about 45 minutes as he scoffed the last bite down. Lee eventually threw up later as expected but got the job done, maybe hes not a man? maybe hes a monster.

5 litres of ice cream next? you called it

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