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By on September 18, 2014

Now Prague one place that Cheungi was pretty keen for after hearing only good things. If I had to some up our stay here in a couple words it would be ‘Kick Back”. Now when you travel to a few Eastern Europe countries one after another they kind of remind you of each other with that medieval feel to it. For our hostel during this leg we were staying at the Prague One hostel situated in the Old Town. I had booked a 8 bed mixed dorm and when we first checked in we had the whole room to ourselves. The best thing about our room was that it split into pretty much two separate rooms with a sliding door to divide each other, now the way it was setup we had claimed pretty much one whole side which had a large window with a pleasant view overlooking the sidewalk. The rooms were reasonably spacious and we had our own bathroom and shower which I find quite the luxury when backpacking. By the end of our stay we had all our stuff everywhere, the laptop, the speaker, towels hanging from the rails with clothes everywhere I guess we just felt comfortable. The hostel also had a nice courtyard where we would play cards and pig out, there is also a comfy common room with quick internet if wifi is a must.

Now in Prague there are a few places that can be explored, lucky enough they were all in reasonable walking distance from the hostel, well at least the ones that we went to. When you walk through the Old Town it feels like you are in some sort of crusader movie with buildings looking like they have been there for quite some time. Fact a sniper scene from the movie XXX was shot right there in one of the windows we walked past. Probably the most Iconic attraction in Prague I’d say is the Charles Bridge which crosses through the main river in Prague. Now there is also a Castle but make sure you check the times in which they open because I think we missed out with it closing earlier on the weekend. A cool place to check out also is the John Lennon Wall a place you can legally graffiti or paint whatever the hell you want on it, unfortunately we didn’t have any paint on us so we just took pictures. There is also a nice wall with a lot of faces on it that we were meant to go near the palace called ‘Dripstone Wall’, check it out if you got the time. There are a couple of mini markets as well that are worth finding if you want some local food.

As for the nightlife in Prague it is pretty good, we had gone on the pub crawl organized by the hostel. At the first bar we had entered it was absolutely packed, I’m guessing it was a network for all the other hostels to meet or something but we started to get our drink on. The alcohol in Prague is pretty cheap especially the beers, also you can get shots for like 1 euro each we can surely get the job done. We had made friends with a group of London Lad’s and it was hopping from place to place from then on they were pretty keen in showing us the ‘London Shuffle’. Before you know it there around 100 people roaming and chanting the streets of Prague it was quite the sight. I think by the time everyone had reached the last destination it was go where ever you please so made our way to this Club called Roxy, depending on the day of the week you may get a more preferred genre ours was a very minimal techno kind of night. After we were done with the pub crawl we made our way into a Prague Strip Club my first for the trip, I guess you some how end up in these places towards the end of a messy night.

I think it was a combination knowing Tomorrowland was around the corner and having two of the four nights out but we were all probably happy to kick back in our hostel blaze up, laugh and play cards until the early hours of the morning. Our hostel room felt like our own apartment and we made friends with some new roommates who moved it. If you are after some buds there look no further then the black guys at night or get some people to point you in the right direction. One thing that I was pretty impressed with here is the food. If you want good food ask the hostel staff they usually give good advice especially the needs of hungry backpackers. I remember this burger joint with walking distance was open all night. We stayed up to the early mornings eating these tasty burgers trying to guess all 150 Pokemon hah was quite fun. I’m probably missing a lot of things that I could put in the blog but it seems to long ago that I have forgot many. I do need to write these things down so I can remember but for Prague it was definitely better then Krakow but not as good as Budapest. I think it does have the potential to beat it if you know where to go and I guess the people you meet.

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