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By on July 31, 2013

So Rome definitely wasn’t built in a Day. First impressions very old city with a lot of history. What the other cities have a Colosseum smack back in the middle, where Russell Crowe use to stab tigers and won the people over (not serious). If you are a tourist expect delays waiting in lines with scorching weather. The building looks really big from the outside, you can see it from quite a distance on every angle. We opted to go with a tour where you jump the line and get someone to take you around the Colosseum and give you a brief history of when, how and why etc it was built.

I’m not sure if it’s because I watch to many movies but it’s a lot smaller then I expected I was thinking it was going to be the size of footy field but I think the movies made it appear that way. There are a few sections that are closed off I’m guessing to preserve some areas as much as they can from the crumbling building. Out of all the site seeing I had done on my trip Rome was definitely top of list.

We also went to visit the Sistine Chapel and the Trevi fountain. The good thing about multiple places to see you can just get a pass for the buses which take you to them all in a day. I was really excited to eat some good authentic Italian food and for the pasta side of it I was really pleased, eating as many different types as possible. As for the pizza thats another story, when you get one salami on top of a layer of oil you tend to stick to pasta or maybe I just couldn’t find a good place. Other activities included being extremely hot, not being able to speak to our host as she didn’t speak english (jarrod your fault you learnt Italian in school) pasta more pasta and yer we Le Roma was done tick tick.

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