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By on July 31, 2013

Ahhhh Croatia what a country, get comfy a lot happened in a week of sailing. So me and the boys were really looking forward to sailing as we heard from many people how good it was. We booked our sail through Busabout which was a couple years ago for $1100 Aussie. Due to popular demand it cost nearly double as everyone wants to sea what the Adriatic Coast has to offer.

After some last minute complications and an overnight sleep at the airport eating sugar, we finally made it to the port of Split. So there are like ten other boats docking from the same location that day. Generally speaking the boats sail for a week and run all through the European Summer. You pretty much got to check in to let your boat that your there then are soon directed to which boat is yours. Our boat “Istok” held 16 people, ten of them girls and six of us boys in which four being us. Most of us were from Australia two of the girls were from Canada another girl was from New Zealand and another from the UK. What a crew it was if any of you are reading this I miss you all!

There is nothing more I love then sunshine and relaxing which the sailing every single day. Our route to Debrovnik meant we stopped at all the good places on the way. We would sail for a few hours then dock and go for a swim. There is something refreshing about standing on the top drinking cider and having the breeze cool you down, it really makes you feel you are on holidays as there is no where to go because your in the middle of the ocean.

At night we will dock which would give us a chance to explore the current places sites, the only condition is that we were to be back for the boat leaves at 6am (haha Rosie one of the girls did miss this one time). When docking also there are a number of different companies sailing and stopping at the same time. So you could have upto ten other boats filled with people in your exact same position to make friends with. I noticed in the not so popular stops the food and drinks are really cheap, I remember at one of our first stops we stopped buy this restaurant who served gigantic pizzas and 1 litre beers for pretty dam cheap. As you go to the more popular places like Hvar the prices more inflated.

As for the scenery it absolutely beautiful, out of all the places that I traveled to in my Europe trip that year Croatia had the nicest. I think on the second night we stopped off in a location with the rave cave. The cave itself isn’t massive but they decked it out as a club which I thought that was pretty cool. One second favorite stop of the trip was Hvar. Its town with heaps of activities and good food, we ended up going this club called Carpe Diem which you are only able to access via boat. One thing to note while jumping in any of the waters in Croatia are that there are Sea Urchins, if you step on one of them your going to have a bad time. Kitty Kat found out the hard way with it getting infected, I encourage some sort of thongs or jelly shoes or even crocs if you wana swim.

The sail offered some really fun nights like dressing up as pirates, drinking games and a lot of good places to eat. For breakfast and lunch out food was cooked on the boat by our chef and shit it was tasty. Most of it was traditional Croatian food which was nice as I hadn’t much before just burek. There was one night we hit choppy waters and I remember being hung over trying to sleep and you could feel the boat go up and down, if in this situation go to the fresh air on deck you’ll save yourself throwin up.

The last stop Debrovnik was my favorite. The town is pretty much a castle so it’s got walls and a fort I’m not to sure what the deal is about it’s history but it’s dam cool. I’m pretty sure they filmed Game of Thrones there aswell. We had the whole day to check out everything in the town and we found a really good restaurant that wasn’t that expensive either. Later that night we finished up at a club where they had people walk around on stilts it was tripped out but really good, everyone went pretty hard as it was all our last night together.

It was pretty hard saying goodbye to all our new friends that we made. We were really fortunate having such a good crew as some of the other boats didn’t get along as well. One of the other boys from the boat T-Mun got tattoos of all four of our boys nickname. He was a loose unit if your reading this I miss you bro and our flushes. Anyone thinking of sailing Croatia or anywhere in general you have got to try it, it’s some good shit and was a perfect way to relax before our next stop Ibiza.

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