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By on December 12, 2016

Now this is my very first blog post since going full time wanderlust so please excuse my poorly constructed sentences and terrible grammar. My original game plan was to post this a bit earlier but you and I both know when your brain is on holidays it tends to forget a few things and I’m quite enjoying the documentation of my journey through my videos so if you haven’t see them check my channel out as it has a bit more visuals and the lazy mans option!


Leading up to my departure was some emotional shit, selling everything I own and saying goodbye to my friends and family wasn’t easy. After all this was the only life I knew but I’m on a mission, a wandering soul with big plans and big dreams waiting for me abroad. I too want to make my little dent in this world to inspire individuals through my videos and experiences for people who also simply want a little more out of life, and I will be living proof to show you how and why it should be done. One flight later I was in Bangkok completely on my own, not a single thing booked other than a few nights in a hostel. I have this saying I’ve been using over here “Just make it up as you go”. Having no concrete plans or obligation to be anywhere means that I can just take it slow and freestyle this whole trip at any given time whether that may be the next destination or what’s for dinner & dessert. In my previous travels it was always been kind of rushed having to cram everything in such a short amount of time. For once time is actually on my side a rare privilege that seems to always work against people who are traveling with only a limited amount of time to stay overseas before they have to return home and back into the system. I love having this freedom and have been doing what they call in French “Le kik bek harde” (not French in the slightest).


Let me tell you a few things since acquiring this new crystal clear mindset. This feeling is absolutely flipping fair dinkum bloody gold. You will never know how truly liberated and free a soul can feel until it’s completely disconnected from ALL material & psychological attachments. I can fortunately say I’m one of the small and very lucky percentage of people who have experienced what it feels like to travel this free. All that hard work saving that coin has finally payed off in big ways because I get to be able to live this lifestyle and not just for a short time, but I plan to travel for a minimum of two years pending a lifetime extension if I figure something out. Yes I do have a budget that I have to stick within but there is quite a misconception that you need a lot of money to fuel this wanderlust lifestyle but truth is you actually don’t. The cost of living in some countries is surprisingly low and as you plunge into the deep end you will quickly learn to become a much more efficient penny saving backpacker without missing out on much at all. For the first time in a long time I have endless amounts of time for myself to do things I never got a chance to do like read a book, I haven’t read a book in a good 3 years. I get to operate the creative side of my brain again and make videos, start blogging again and produce content of whatever the hell I want. I get to practice Yoga and Meditate every day and eat myself silly with all these delicious dishes, what a luxury that I just simply didn’t have time for back home because the priorities were elsewhere and freedom was limited. I am back on track for personal growth in all areas and I owe it all to solo travel and this amazing opportunity. I can’t tell you how extremely lucky and grateful I am for the journey which lays ahead of me, something people can only dream about and I don’t plan to waste a single moment of it.


My first country for this adventure is Thailand, destination numero uno. I have previously been Thailand about 6 years ago and the trip itself was a short one where I didn’t stay in a single Hostel and kept in my bubble. The first few days were a big blur as I was still adapting to this new life I had plunged into and I didn’t have a single doubt that I wasn’t going to love it. Am I afraid? No not at all, I’m more afraid of not taking chances and living life with regret wondering that question that I just hate hearing “What if”? Being a massive foodie I’ve pretty much eaten my way through Bangkok and beyond. The street food here is so cheap with meals for under $2 and I’m talking good meals for just a fraction of what we pay back home all retaining its same deliciousness. I’m easily entertained with new food as my go to option when I don’t know what to do. I even ate a scorpion on Khao San Road a pretty touristy thing to do for a few brave, she wasn’t bad crunchy and a little salty more visually unbearable rather than the taste. I’ve kind of got this attitude up here that I’m not saying no to anything unless its detrimental to my health. I’m up for pretty much anything and I bet this will get me into trouble at some point but it’s that curious side of me that lead me to where I am today so why change something that’s working.


Now this next chapter is a bit more personal and happened unexpectedly but I’m learning to open up and screw it you can hear about my cheesy romance. A week later I met a girl temporarily living in Chiang Mai for her internship at a fashion company. She too was quite new adapting to her new lifestyle far from home and we just simply clicked. It happened so effortlessly and organically and as the song goes Tom Redwood – I’ve Fallen For You. Two fregin weeks into my trip!!! I mean I had kind of had a feeling it may have happened at some point but not this soon! I haven’t had feelings for a girl since my ex girlfriend which was about 5 years ago. This love on holiday’s business seems so much more exciting and simpler with plenty of adventures together and no external factors influencing your actions. I mean I don’t care what people think (I lied maybe a little bit) but I know not too, but I’ve had such a good time with her I swear it feels like our romance has been more fun then any movie I’ve ever watched. This type of girl is one that I’m not used too which makes it even more exciting because I love new shit. A girl from a totally different world but yet share the same common interests and a connection that you can feel without any words. I can’t help but feel that I have inspired her in more ways than one teaching her some skills and acquiring my simplistic approach to life to the point where she even got the courage to get my same “Life is Beautiful” tattoo. I know I have already made a big impact in the short amount of time spent with her. The fact she is super grateful for it makes me happy knowing my time invested is going to make a positive change on her life and her in mine too for that matter. I’m not sure if this whole love is so fun and exciting because it has an expiry date and it’s technically still the honeymoon period, but if my practice has taught me anything it’s to be present and live for the moment and I will ride this wave til the last second it crashes to the ground because I’m having just way too much fucking fun to bail and to care what anyone may think.


After Chiang Mai I headed up North to place called Pai, an absolute must if going to Thailand and only a three our journey from Chiang Mai. I love this place and everything about it so much that I extended my stay three times. If you like chilling this is definitely the place for you with everything being quite close in vicinity and a super relaxed vibe which fits me too a tee. The cost of living is quite cheap where you can hire a scooter for 100 Baht ($4 a day) with plenty of places to explore and even more places to chill. The food ohhhh man how can I forget you have to check out Earth Tone café and at the walking street market the Burmese Salad add Avocado, trust me I know my shit you can thank me later. I’ve also visited Phuket and Khao Sok National Park which have both been great having met new interesting travellers from all walks of this planet. People that I can have educated conversations with, in which I have thoroughly enjoyed about relevant topics to benefit each other and gather useful information for my trip ahead. They say time flies where your having fun so I extended my visa to stay another month in the Land of Smiles. Since time is on my side I’ve slowed the trip down and enjoyed simply relaxing and making connections at many of the places with both locals and backpackers. I think that’s enough typing from me, I’m currently finishing this post off on an island just before I head to the full moon party which should be fun. If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to send me a message I’m here to help and I have loads of time. I’ve barely taken that many photos compared to what I’m use to but here are a few from the trip thus far. I plan to post a bit more frequent but that I cannot guarantee. Until next time Peace and Love in the Desert 🙂


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    Love it bro!

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    Jaimee Plantinga

    December 15, 2016

    Hi! I’m really enjoying reading your posts. Im very inspired and I myself am a traveler (a student too ) but when I graduate I would love to travel more like you. Im sure you get this question all the time but how do you afford to endlessly travel?