By on December 20, 2015

My journey to get in the best shape of my life! Was it easy? No it wasn’t. Was it worth it? More then you could ever imagine. This journey has made me  believe in my self that I can now do anything I set out to do.

When I got back from my trip last year and I was editing my photos and I came across this one in particular. It was me in front of the Cinque Terre whilst we were in Italy and it made my body look not so attractive and I didn’t like it one bit. I know it didn’t help the way I was sitting but the fact of the matter was that I didn’t, I mean I couldn’t use this photo of myself with a lovely colorful city in the background, I was very embarrassed and refused to put it online. I have never really been self conscious with my body. I have always kind of been on the healthier looking side but eating a few too many bowls of spaghetti and looking like a meatball I knew something had to be done. On my Bucketlist there was something that I always wished I had and was planning to tick off which was to get that dream body, this was now the main priority. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I knew it was gonna be hella worth it and I was not going to take no for answer.

So why 8% Body Fat? No reason in particular but it is a fairly lean look that competitors jump on stage on and I wanted a realistic healthy figure to aim towards instead of just saying I want to ‘look good’. People are going to say that’s easy I’m 8% all year round but for someone like myself with a mesomorph body type working in the Food industry I knew this wasn’t going to be no walk in the park. If anyone knows me they know how much I truly love food. I love food so much that I opened up a business based around filming and telling stories with restaurants. I love food so much that I would get a recommendation that would be on the other side of town and order the banquet so I could get some variety and absolutely demolish everything on the table until there was not a single bit left. I knew this wasn’t going to be able to happen if I ever were to reach my goal by the end of the year.

I set myself up the challenge of accomplishing my goal and one thing that I can’t stress enough is educating yourself with food and all of it’s nutritional information and why you should eat these certain foods. Everyone is different so experimenting what works for you might not work for others. You will probably fail many times before you get the right momentum well that was for me anyway. I had a diet that was given to me that I followed religiously for about a month or so and it was going good, it was quite high maintenance but still I was getting results and then my birthday weekend I went to a Bush Doof. Now this made me go 5 steps backward, it was the first time I had multiple cheat meals, there were no healthy meals up there it was burgers and potato chips the whole weekend. I came back unmotivated, lazy and back to square one.

Why is this so hard I could hear myself whining like a little bitch in my head and then I remembered anything good in life takes time and if it were easy everyone would have it. There were times I thought to myself that taking steroids will help me get there quicker but for me personally I feel like I would’ve cheated myself knowing that I was going to take a shortcut to reach my goal. I would have to just work harder and it was going to feel better knowing I done it without any enhancements that could be costly to my health. I knew that I had to embrace this journey because it is in the journey where you preserver when times get tough which ultimately builds a stronger you.

In order to lose weight it all comes down to Calories in vs Calories out. Not rocket science is it? So one thing that was killing me was I would be on this strict diet having my morning meals and having all my calories planned out in each container. If I ate anything extra it would exceed my calorie limit at dinner time and that five twirls of Mum’s pasta meant it was neglecting that extra cardio I did. It took me like 5 times of eating that ice cream for 6th time to say it wasn’t worth it, that the lemon just wasn’t worth the squeeze. I have failed enough times to teach me that it wasn’t worth it and it’ll play in my head. Another tip I will give don’t beat yourself if you do have a meal or even a day where you splurge. Just acknowledge it and jump on that stepmaster the next day and redeem yourself. It’s easy to give up at that stage and turn it into a pig out the next few days but don’t you will regret it when you remember how bad you want it.

Intermitted fasting was probably the biggest help for me to get me the best results in my journey. I won’t get into too much detail but basically you push your first meal later in the day. I would skip breakfast and train in the afternoon on an empty stomach and then have all my calories saved for later meaning I could have bigger meals and even go out and eat. You might think you can’t skip breakfast and how do you train with no food but once you train your body to do so it becomes easier which turns to habit. I could have the best of both worlds still get into great shape and have a social life catching up with people for dinner. Tracking your macros and calories is ideal to get an idea of how much you should be eating and that’s what makes for flexible dieting which suits my lifestyle perfectly. Saying no to a lot of invitations to eat out I was getting better at, I knew that reaching this goal for myself was more important then an extra indulgent meal. Towards the later stages when I was getting results I was looking good and feeling even better. I incorporated much more vegies and superfoods into my diet mainly because they are lower in calories but found out how extremely good they make you feel. I was starting to get compliments and was really finding that balance with the lifestyle and my diet.

The moment of truth had come which didn’t happen. I was originally suppose to get a Dexa scan but due to some technical difficulties with the machine that will have to be rescheduled until next year. Regardless of the result I am very proud to be in the best & healthiest shape of my entire life. I am more confident now then ever before, you would never catch me uploading that selfie of me in my jocks on the internet EVER but for once since a very long time I have a change in heart. Now that the holidays are upon me I am going to ease up on the diet and enjoy some good food as for the official result of the 8% it’s going to be next year as we still have unfinished business. Now that I have a little taste of the healthy life I don’t think I’ll ever let myself look like I did knowing how optimal you can possibly feel when eating right and working out. Finding that balance in your life is important to make it feel effortless, if you don’t like running on a treadmill then don’t. Play some basketball bring some fun into your workouts I recently have just picked up a pair gymnastic rings and am loving it.

What an empowering year this has been for me. Lessons learned you can do anything you set your mind to and I dare you to not give 110% and tell me otherwise. Persevering through hard times has made me much stronger as a person mentally and physically. Constantly challenging myself to do that extra rep or extra 5 minutes more cardio and doing so has given me that CAN attitude. It’s really made me believe in myself knowing that I had to work hard over the course of the entire year to get me to a point of accomplishment that I’m at now. Applying the same work ethic to other things in life Is exactly the same. Get a game plan together and execute it and sacfrifice more things a long the way any you’ll get there quicker. Creating deadlines for yourself helps you work hard knowing that you are on a timeline. Apply the same mentality in the business world, in relationships, in your daily chores or even cleaning the damn house seriously anything you wish to strive in! The bigger the challenge the bigger the reward. I feel now I’m up for any challenge and have set many more goals I wish to accomplish next year. That’s why I got this Tattoo to remember this year, this crown on my finger. You are the King of your destiny, conqueror of any goals I set out, I now believe in myself more then ever and this year was an example of doing so.

I can’t wait for next year I’ve got so many things that I want to do that I would have never done a few years back. One of the things I’ve started doing is Video Blogging. I’ve always been shy in front of a camera talking, I was this little quiet Asian kid but have slowly come out of my shell since then. If you really want it you’ll get it and when people say they want something you can see their work ethic because they are in the process of getting it, or already have what they set out to achieve and if they don’t they never REALLY wanted it. For those who wish to make a lifestyle change in the healthy direction and get in shape just do it. I promise you will feel better, more confident and a new lease on life that you ever have and that’s something money just can’t buy. I want to help others to feel the same and help them empower their own life.

So ask yourself how bad do you want it? Challenge yourself! Now go do it be GREAT!


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