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By on October 31, 2014

Now what kind of Europe trip would it be if we didn’t attend the biggest and best dance festival in the world. This year Tomorrowland was spread over two weekends for the 10 year anniversary giving double the amount of people a chance to score tickets. With some luck I managed to secure four tickets for Weekend 2 and this time we were camping in the Easy Tents in Dreamville. To prepare ourselves for what was to be an epic weekend we stayed a night earlier in Brussels just so things weren’t to rushed and so we had a chance to rest because I don’t care what you say you need all your energy for the four days of madness. So I can’t stress enough how good it was camping in the Dreamville Easy Tent Upgrades. Last time I came we made the rookie mistake of staying in Brussels to save a few bucks and trust me the last thing you want to do after every night is try compete with about 100,000 people looking for taxi’s to take you back to town. When you get there all the tents are already set up waiting for you, deck chairs, pillows, mattress, locks also add that bit of comfort that we didn’t need to bring. It was also really handy having the upgrade because your tent comes with a power board which was perfect so I could charge all my batteries and friends phones. There is also another area where it’s just general camping where you can either bring or purchase your own tent and mattress, a few of the boys were staying there and I mean it is still good but trust me you want the Easy Tents it’s a bit more civilized.

The Pre Party on the Thursday was a day where everyone was arriving through out the day claiming there tickets for watches and setting up there tents and getting familiar with there neighbors. Next door to us we had some Germans who managed to sneak a fridge in. Our favorite neighbor was none other then Craigy Vegas and his partner Joanne from Manchester whom we would share the best laughs with. Opposite us was a couple of guys from Ecuador and some Austrians next door to them. At the festival you don’t use money you purchase tokens, a much easier process so you don’t have to fiddle with cash and coins. This year they stepped it up a notch and instead of using the traditional wristbands everyone got watches and get a load of this you can touch two watches together and press the the heart button with someone else and it adds them on Facebook. I think it was a little buggy this year because it was new but what an idea and by next year it will be all setup and running smoothly. If anyone knows about how hard it is to get tickets you can imagine how happy everyone is to be there including myself. The vibe is unlike anywhere I have ever been to, happiness and smiles are everywhere you got to remember this has been peoples dream to come to Tomorrowland and it shows. Since we got there at around two we had plenty of time so we made our way to the supermarket to stock up on supplies. The walk was decent about 20 minutes one way and that would be the only time we went because we stocked up enough with water, munchies and fruits. In Dreamville there is a supermarket it can get pretty busy at peak times and attracts some decent lines. The Dreamville stage was about a 20 minute walk from the Easy Tents and I think there about 40,000 people camping so you can imagine tents are spread out all along the way and even further. Even though it was the Pre Party the atmosphere was going off, people were making friends with strangers around the world, dance battles were appearing and everyone was just having a really good time. Later that night Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were closing. I only had a few drinks as I was saving my energy for the start of the festival. After the event we headed back to the where we were sleeping kicked back a bit and then got some sleep for what was too be an epic weekend. Another thing to add the shower blocks close at around midnight so you may be left stinky and dirty. It’s a good idea to get some wet wipes although they have taps where you can rinse up and wash off.

Today was the big day this was all the boys Tomorrowland virginity to be broken and I too was so excited to return to the Mecca of all Dance festivals.  The absolute best bit about the camping in my opinion is that for the next three days you only have a 20 minute walk to home after the event, now anyone who hasn’t attended might think why is this a luxury? But trust me from previously experience catching a train and bus or paying a 120 euro taxi fair is not fun three days in a row. Due to our excitement we headed in a little bit earlier so we could have a walk around and see all the stages. Ahhhh the mainstage setup was absolutely sick this year the festival always seems to out do themselves every year. It does take a fair while to walk around the place and once we visited pretty much every stage we parked ourselves at the Trance Addict stage. Two Bricks later it was time for fathers to lock up there daughters and my camera up so we could boogie and listen to the euphoric beats of Andrew Rayel & Orjan Nilsen for the next few hours. The tent was going off for me nothing beats good music, good company and being on holidays. As the day progressed we were coming into the night and it was time to make our way to see Armin on the Main Stage. So let me give you the run down on the Mainstage, the hill is pretty much in the shape of a dome and fits around 50,000 possiply more people. Everyone gathers here late because the bigger DJ’s are usually on and the Lasers Lasers Lasers. These lasers are incredible and from any angle on the hill you can see all its colors and all it’s beauty in the dark night skies it is seriously a sight to see. It was good seeing the boys reaction to seeing the lasers in full flight and compared to a Melbourne festival you can see why there were mesmerized. You would think that being not so close to the front that the music will be faint and hard to hear, nah nah ah they have it all figured out the audio is incredible. Armin played a really good set and following him was Dimitry Vegas & Like Mike to play there Main stage set which was pretty decent. After that we headed back to the trance tent til close which was day one complete. Got back to the camping area and wound down talking about our eventful day.

I’m pretty sure I dropped a Valium the night before so I got some sleep and let me add that you will need your sleep if you want to party hard three days straight. When the sun starts rising there is no chance that you will last to much longer in the tents as it gets hot. The fact that it was the second day and we had already done some exploring the day before meant we could kick back in the camping area until it was time to go in. By then we had made heaps of friends and we had all gathered around ours chilling. So one really important person in my Europe trip is Freddy from Norway, Dean and Apost had struck a conversation him in the early mornings and  in the next minute he was part of the group. We would eventually be re united again but by fate we had met in Tomorrowland and so glad I did but I’ll get to that in the Norway edition. So the weather this time round in was Hot, not blistering hot but enough to put some sunscreen or you were going to look like a lobster. Cheungi had bought a couple of 90% absinth bottles from Barcelona and we cracked one open to share. Freddy had just come from Amsterdam so we had a couple of joints blazing before we headed into the festival. As time flies there it was time to pick out the days outfit and make our way in. We floated around most the day we started at the Hardstyle then went to see Tommy Trash and  in one of the tents, Above & Beyond on the Mainstage and a bit of Ferry Corsten and like all days back to the Mainstage. On tonight’s lineup it was Alesso followed by Hardwell & Tiesto this time towards the end we made our way closer. Now after the event back in Dreamville is when the real fun started. We had our other group of friends Jayden, Romeo, Jake and the rest of the gang from Melbourne all come kick back near our tents. Our neighbor Craigy Vegas was still flying from the festival and the combination of him & Stevo had us in hysterics. The night kicked on until the early hours of the morning we had a few randoms wandering in and through keeping us entertained. After a very long day we all decided to get some zzzzz’s for the last day.

Now the third and final day was my favorite and we went down with a bang. With whatever energy left in our brains and body it was time to exhaust it and finish off this epic weekend. Like the day before we prepared ourselves and relaxed at our campsite til it was time to go in. Now I haven’t really touched on the food there but there are plenty of food stalls in and outside of the event for a reasonable price. Every morning we would go grab some bacon and eggs to help fuel us through the day. There is only two words you need to know ‘Markus Shulz’ an American Trance DJ who absolutely killed it. He was playing an extra long set on his own stage and for the first time the whole weekend it began to drizzle. Now this might sound like it’s bad news but for us it took things to a whole new level, a lot of people went to seek refuge undercover which meant the dance floor was spacious and the floor was wet perfect for some shuffle action. The quality of Shulzy’s music was on par god like and you know it’s a good set that when in not one point in the set did you get over it or feel the need to leave. We stayed there until it pretty much got dark and if I had to do it all over again I would have stayed at that stage. We made our way to the Main Stage for the final closing ceremony, closing was Steve Aoki and Dimitri Vegas and this time Dean and I got real close for the close. Being pretty far in up close you can feel the bass right through your body, it’s such an exhilarating feeling when the music is absorbed all over your body. The fireworks are so incredible as well, they literally light up the night sky and there are heaps of different type it’s really really impressive. After the event finished it was kind of like a sad realization that all the music and partying had come to an end. This event that we longed for all trip long had finally come to an end. We headed back to camp and enjoyed the last bit of the Dreamville’s atmosphere and friends company.

We were very fortunate with the weekend that it was as and on that last night it started pissing down rain. It would have definitely made things a lot more difficult if it did rain through the whole weekend and in the morning we had to pack all our shit in the wet and get out of there. With the Easy Tents you can take whatever you want with you so we dismantled the tent and took it as memorabilia. We joined up with the other boys and made our way to the main road to hail down a maxi. We had a train booked to Amsterdam that we did not want to miss. I was riding front with the taxi driver and I swear he was about to fall asleep behind the wheel, he had been working all night so I tried to keep him occupied so our weekend didn’t end in disaster. Once we arrived at the Brussels Train station we changed into some warm clothes ohhhh that feeling was too good. By this time we were starving and grabbed some Burger King and patiently waited for the train. The weekend was crazy and we all missed it already. If anyone is considering going you would be absolutely silly not to. A festival where people travel all over the world to go and enjoy together with over the whole weekend did not see one trace of violence. Through my photos and videos is only a fraction of how good it actually is being there. It’s worth trying to get tickets off the ballot or even buy off Viagogo a site where people sell tickets second hand. We had a few boys buy them while we were up there so it is legit and does work. Try and book the Easy Tents, It makes life so much easier when you can arrive to the Grounds and not have to worry about buying a mattress or a tent. If you do go you’ll see what I mean about the place there is no place quite like it in the world, but you’ll have to see for yourself. For us it was a two hour train ride to Amsterdam so we could kick back jozz and put our feet up for some much earned rest.

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